One Hundred Years of
 Cartridge Boxes
Ray T. Giles & Daniel L. Shuey

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The 1st and ONLY definitive work on cartridge boxes, covering all the calibers for which Winchester cataloged their rifles, from the Volcanic to the Model 88. Thoroughly researched, this 312 page book contains over 1,400 full color photographs as well as price and rarity guides in a high quality, hard-cover book with dust-jacket!

One Hundred Years of WINCHESTER Cartridge Boxes, 1856-1956
Signed or personalized & signed copies available @ $69.95, shipped!

If You…

...want to display appropriate, contemporary, collectible cartridge boxes with your guns, or

...are a Gun Collector of any kind,
...are a Civil War or Indian Wars buff,
...are a Wild West / Frontier Americana buff

...are a Cartridge or Cartridge Box collector,
...are a Historian, Museum Curator or Librarian,
...are an Archaeological or Forensics service

You Will Want a Copy of
 One Hundred Years of WINCHESTER Cartridge Boxes – 1856-1956
$69.95, signed copy, shipped


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