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Last updated: April 18, 2014

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BP=Black Powder, Smkls=Smokeless, 2pc=Two piece lift-top box, Sld=Sealed, Lbl=Label, HS=Headstamp, HV=High Velocity    
Color Codes: BL, GRN, WH, YEL, BLK, (etc...)
Caliber Description $


100 Years of Winchester Cartridge Boxes, 1856-1956
Ray T. Giles
Daniel L. Shuey


The 1st and ONLY definitive work on cartridge boxes, covering all the calibers for which Winchester cataloged their rifles, from the Volcanic to the Model 88. Thoroughly researched, this 312 page book contains over 1,400 full color photographs as well as price and rarity guides in a high quality, hard-cover book with dust-jacket!

Will be happy to sign your copy on request.


$69.95, ppd
2.7 m/m Kolibri This little guy is the smallest center-fire cartridge ever made, ca 1913. Primer has been struck, but a nice clean example of a rare cartridge. Shown here between a dime and a .22 Short.  SOLD
244 H&H Magnum (Rimless)

Holland & Holland. Earlier "New Bond St" address. Box of 5, SEALED. Ctdgs list at $15 ea (off a very old list). Very clean and solid box. $75
6 m/m Lee

Winchester. Five "WRACo 6 m/m U.S.N." headstamped Full Metal Jkt rds in orig clip. "Pat. Oct 8 95" stamped on clip base as it should be. Getting quite rare. Have seen the clips alone, w/o ctdgs, go for over $150 on more than one occasion. (Photo'd in shrink-wrap; pls ignore label removal mark)


6 m/m Lee

Winchester. Evidence that this was already a slow-selling (read: scarce) caliber by the early 1930s is the fact that this 11-15 dated front label is was over-printed in the late-'20s with "Staynless" then again in the early-'30s with "Non-Mercuric". Solid box w/ good color, no seam splits and all ctdgs native to the box. [Brightness along bottom edge of lid is reflection from shrink-wrap].
6.5 m/m Mannlicher-Schoenauer Norma. Have 2 loadings: 156 gr round nose soft pts & 139 gr ptd SP semi-boat tail. Said to be the best sporting ammo out there.  Clean, orig rds. $47.50

275 H&H Magnum

Holland & Holland. Earlier "New Bond St" address. Box of 10. Soft Point 160 gr, SEALED. Very clean and solid box. $60
7.65 Roth-Sauer Winchester. RARE caliber! I have seen exactly 3 boxes of this, EVER! Side label 65-70%. Though first loaded by Win in 1908, the primary (top) label graphics pre-date that by about 2 years. 23 original ctdgs remain. $185
7.65 m/m or
.32 French Long

French mfg, 2 boxes, 1 full (36 rds) & 1 w/ 24 rds, 56 rds total. Both are shrink-wrapped together and sold as 1 item. $45
9 m/m Luger

Peters. Scarce "Hollow Point B't". Pre-war Kings Mills address box w/ pic of ctdg showing cut-away of Hol Pt bullet. Slight crinkle at lower left (see pic) otherwise clean & tight. Ammo all appears native to the box. Seldom seen labeling! $85

43 Spanish

UMC. Have 4 clean boxes: Black Pwdr, Berdan-primed ctdgs, all of which appear native to the box. Haven't had any of these on the site for about 15 years! $50

12 m/m Shot

S.F.M. (Fr). Black Powder, Shot ctdgs in a sealed packet of 10 (12?). Very clean & rarely seen. $65




100 years of Winchester Cartridge Boxes, 1856-1956

One Hundred Years of Winchester Cartridge Boxes, 1856-1956