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BP=Black Powder, Smkls=Smokeless, 2pc=Two piece lift-top box, Sld=Sealed, Lbl=Label, HS=Headstamp,
Color Codes: BL, GRN, WH, YEL, BLK, (etc...)
One Hundred Years of Winchester Cartridge Boxes, 1856-1956 Ray T. Giles
Caliber Description   $

9 m/m RF Long Shot

  Fiocchi, boxes of 50. Have both black (earlier) or white (more recent) boxes but not all shot sizes. (Fiocchi has about doubled the price on these in the past year or so.)


9 m/m Long
RF Shot
Winchester. Red, paper-tubed "mini" shot shells for the Win Mod 36. Ca 1940s, bright & solid. NICE!  $215
16 Ga
U.S.Cartridge Co. “AJAX HEAVIES”, very scarce and desirable in any gauge but RARE in 16 Ga! NO shell protrusions or other edge/seam problems. Full of correct, original shells, all of which appear native to the box. (This is the only shot shell box I deemed worthy of bringing back from the big Las Vegas Antique Arms Show!)


12 Ga

Gevelot Gallia. Unusual, colorful, 25-rd French "tin box" of red-tubed shells w/ "Gallia" logo and purple top wads.   NEAT! (& cheap).


12 Ga Navy Arms. Black Powder shells, 10 rd box, 2-3/4", 1-1/8 oz #6 shot.


12 Ga   Montgomery Ward. The famous "Red Head" graphics, among the most attractive labelings in the field of shot shell box collecting. Not generally considered rare, but seldom seen in this pristine condition. And it's SEALED!
[Photo'd in shrink-wrap; pls ignore seam]


12 Ga Peters. This is the much sought-after "Halloween" box of trap loads by Peters, one of the most popular of all shotshell graphics. Two-pc box, empty but solid w/ correct bottom. The creases seen in the pix are just that: creases, not tears. Also, there are no seams splits as are often found in these two-piece shot shell boxes. This is as cheap as you're likely to find a "no excuses" Halloween box!


10 Ga
Remington Express, 10 gauge 2-7/8", PLASTIC! 4-3/4 dr. 1-5/8oz #4 shot.  Among the last made.

                                     CALL! MAY HAVE OTHER 2-7/8" 10 GA BOXES!


10 Ga 2-7/8"
Blk Pwdr Blanks
for Win Cannon
Winchester. Black Powder blanks for the Winchester Cannon. [Have several, some  different from this one, call!]